Melbourne's only wholesale seafood hub

The dead of Melbourne’s night is when the Melbourne Seafood Centre comes alive. As the only central hub for seafood supply for restaurants, retailers and processors in Victoria and beyond, its where everyone comes to get their catch of the night.

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from sea to sales floor

Commercial fishers transport their catch on ice and deliver it to the Melbourne Seafood Centre throughout the day and night. The fish is sourced from commercial fishermen from Australian oceans and waterways as well as from other parts of the world.

Come 4.30am the seafood is on display, and ready for the hundreds of buyers that walk the aisles and inspect the crates to see what’s looking good. Whilst pre-ordering seafood ahead of sale day is common place, nothing beats the on-morning purchasing decision, based entirely on look and feel. Most of the seafood on offer is caught no more that 12 hours prior to arriving at the Melbourne Seafood Centre – this freshness is paramount for our buyers – they have to be fussy.

a long liNE of fishing families

The Melbourne Seafood Centre comprises 12 'tenants' - companies with experienced seafood selectors and wholesale salespeople. Some 90% of our tenants have learnt their trade from generations of family fish-mongering. It means our sellers have an incomparable insight into the industry and the breadth of species available. In 2011, the Melbourne Seafood Centre was formally established after decades of local government ownership. Now a private entity that is governed by a Board and a Constitution, the Melbourne Seafood Centre is a vocal advocate of local fisherman and the continuance of a sustainable fishing industry.

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There are over 50 species sold at the market, including a vast array of fish, shellfish, crustaceans and cephalopods. From tiny whitebait to a 120kg blue fin tuna, the Melbourne Seafood Centre is well known for sourcing a vast array of seafood.