Frequently Asked Questions

When is the market open?

The market is open Monday to Saturday. Monday: 5.30am - end of trade (around 8.00am); Tuesday to Saturday -  4.30am to end of trade (around 8.00am). It is closed on public holidays.

Can anyone buy fish at the market?

The Melbourne Seafood Centre is a wholesale-only market, providing purchasing for wholesale accounts only. 

Who buys the fish at the market?

Buyers include fishmongers (retailers) and restaurants. The Melbourne Seafood Centre is a major a supplier of seafood across Victoria as well as Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales. It is not open for sale to the general public.

Where can I buy your seafood?

Produce that is sold at the Melbourne Seafood Centre is sole via wholesale to outlets across Australia. Whilst too numerous to list every outlet, visit our RETAIL precinct guide for a guide to some of the best fish buying in Australia.

Where does your seafood come from?

Our catch is sourced from fishing regions across Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and South Australia as well as New Zealand, Indonesia, Fiji and the Cook Islands. Approximately 80% of fish sold is Australian, caught in Victoria’s major ports, located in Gippsland, Apollo Bay, Port Fairy and Portland. Port Phillip Bay was once a major contributor to the fish on sale, but with the recent Victorian government commercial netting bans, there is a limited amount of fish now available from the fishing zone closest to Melbourne.

Can I supply my fish to the market?

Suppliers must be commercial fishing licence holders. If this applies, please contact one of our TENANTS to discuss supply.

How fresh is the fish?

The locally caught (Australian) fish delivered to the Melbourne Seafood Centre on market day is caught within 12 hours of being offered on the sales floor. Fish received from other countries is either fresh or frozen.

How is fish transported to your site?

Fish is predominantly transported via cold storage trucks and semi-trailers.

What types of seafood is sold at the market?

There are over 50 species sold at the market, including a vast array of fish, shellfish, crustaceans and cephalopods.