Save Our Seafood - Support Local Bay & Inlet Fisheries

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Why Should We Care?

It is hard to think of a more responsible source of seafood for Victorians.

  • Bay and inlet-caught fish are the fish eaten by Victorians - King George Whiting, Calamari, Garfish, Flathead, Australian herring, Red mullet, Whitebait.
  • Bay and Inlet fisheries are small-scale fisheries owned by family businesses from pier to plate.
  • 20 years of science has proven Bay and Inlet methods to be both sustainable and responsible. Unwanted and undersize fish are returned alive to the sea by the fishers.
  • Bat and Inlet fisheries are culturally significant to Victoria - the first commercial fishery started 170 years ago.

Do You Catch Your Own Fish?

As of April 2018, only one Bay and Inlet net fishery is left to provide fish for Victorians who do not fish... that's 90% of Victorians.

  • Since 2000, the government has been closing these fisheries to create recreational fishing havens.

What Are We Losing?

  • Local and responsibly caught fish.

  • Victorian fish prices have risen.

  • We lose our right to choose.

Since 2016 1.5 million fish dinners each year were lost when net fishing was banned in Port Phillip Bay. Victorian's iconic fish now cost more - 

  • King George Whiting - increased by 90%
  • Calamari - increased by 50%
  • Garfish - increased by 20%

The diversity of local affordable fish disappears as Bay and Inlet fisheries disappear.

What You Can Do!

  • Choose locally caught Victorian fish

  • Write to your local member of Parliament